Ceili Dance Tunes

This section contains a selection of Ceili Dance Tunes arranged in sets as played by the Clonmany Ceili Band. The Clonmany Ceili Band was formed in 1956. The leader of the band was the late Seamus Grant, fiddle player. Seamus arranged the tunes for the dances and favoured Single Reels for the Long Dances in 4/4 time. Below you will find some of the more popular dance tunes from the Inishowen Peninsula. Click Here to read more and listen to recordings of Seamus and the Clonmany Ceili Band  

Ceili DanceTuneTune TitleTypeSee Details
Eight Hand Jig1Mucking of Geordie's ByreDouble JigEight Hand Jig
Eight Hand Jig2Jean IrelandDouble Jig
Eight Hand Jig3Jackson's Morning BrushDouble Jig
Eight Hand Reel1PetronellaSingle ReelEight Hand Reel
Eight Hand Reel2Gan AinmSingle Reel
Eight Hand Reel3My Love is but a LassieSingle Reel
Fairy Reel1Fairy ReelReelFairy Reel
Gates of Derry1Gates of DerryDouble JigGates of Derry
Haymakers Jig1Biddy the Bold WifeDouble JigHaymakers Jig
Haymakers Jig2Tell Her I AmDouble Jig
Haymakers Jig3Paddy in LondonDouble Jig
Haymakers Jig4Scotsman Over the BorderDouble Jig
Haymakers Jig5Hartigans FancyDouble Jig
High Cauled Cap1Farewell to WhiskeySingle ReelHigh Cauled Cap
High Cauled Cap2The White CockadeSingle Reel
High Cauled Cap3The Girl I Left BehindSingle Reel
High Cauled Cap4The Boys of County WestmeathSingle Reel
High Cauled Cap5The Road to LisdoonvarnaSingle Reel
High Cauled Cap6Jean Kirkpatricks FancySingle Reel
Humours of Bandon1Humours of BandonDouble JigHumours of Bandon
Morris Reel1Dashing White SergeantSingle ReelMorris Reel
Morris Reel2The Bottom of the PunchbowlSingle Reel
Morris Reel3La RuseSingle Reel
Morris Reel4The West EndSingle Reel
Siege of Carrick1Haste to the WeddingDouble JigSiege of Carrick
Siege of Ennis1The Geese in the BogDouble JigSiege of Ennis
Siege of Ennis2Rakes of KildareDouble Jig
Siege of Ennis3Biddy from SligoDouble Jig
Siege of Ennis4Smash the WindowsDouble Jig
Sixteen Hand Reel1Gan AinmSingle ReelSixteen Hand Reel
Sixteen Hand Reel2Gan AinmSingle Reel
Sixteen Hand Reel3Duke of PerthSingle Reel
Sixteen Hand Reel4Corn ReeksSingle Reel
Sixteen Hand Reel5Statten IslandSingle Reel
Sixteen Hand Reel6BirkhallSingle Reel
The Three Tunes1Haste to the WeddingDouble JigThree Tunes
The Three Tunes2Leslie's HornpipeHornpipe
The Three Tunes3German BeauSingle Reel
Trip to the Cottage1Trip to the CottageDouble JigTrip to the Cottage
Walls of Limerick1The Rose TreeSingle ReelWalls of Limerick
Walls of Limerick2Rattling BogSingle Reel

Click Here to read more and listen to recordings of Seamus and the Clonmany Ceili Band